In The Flow

In The Flow
Canvas 24 x 48"
Heather Kinahan

Heather Kinahan

Born and raised in Alberta, I am fortunate to have been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and vast, ever changing skies. From the prairies to the mountains, presently living in Calgary, I am blessed with endless inspiration to create as an acrylic artist.   

My passion for painting was discovered through my love of learning and nature.  Each one of my paintings is a new experiment to see how colour, line and form work together.  Every painting provides a learning experience, comes with its own story and is an expression of my creative self.   

Creating art is a visual method of sharing a memory, thought or vision; all of which have the potential to elicit emotions and feelings. Engaging with art is an experience, I hope my art has a positive impact on the human spirit. I am extremely honoured to collaborate with neuroscientists to share their work in visual form.  Prior to becoming an artist, I spent my teaching career supporting young children with diverse learning needs; my ability to address their unique challenges greatly benefited from brain research. Participating in Your Brain on Art grants me the chance to give back in a creative way! 

I believe we need to seize the opportunities life affords us; to continually learn and create beyond the edges of our own limits. Joy of living occurs with reflection and connection.  I share myself and my vision of the world we live in through the art I create.

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 I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Dhyey to learn about his research as well as some of his personal interests.  It turns out we both enjoy time in the mountains; so when his metaphor for his research included a river in a forest, I knew exactly where my painting needed to be set. 

I drew from the landscapes I am familiar with, the iconic Three Sisters mountain peaks and the Bow River, to create a place imagined.   

Dhyey’s research found that the ketogenic diet drastically reduced constriction of blood flow following seizures, preventing behavioural and cognitive deceits.  “In the Flow” is viewed from the edge of an island tucked in the flow of the Bow River.  Instead of the island being rock and dirt, it’s lush with green grass.  The scene is full of vivid colours to represent how vibrant life without the impacts of seizures can be.  The river flows freely with everything around it thriving and glowing in the sunshine.  There’s a bend in the river ahead, yet it’s not a worry because you are “In the Flow.”  It’s blue skies and grand adventures ahead.   

The size my piece was also inspired by Dhyey’s research.  His findings translate into BIG impacts on the quality of life for those suffering from seizures, so the visual representation also needed to be BIG!

Dhyey Bhatt

Dhyey Bhatt

Undergraduate Student, Univeristy of Calgary
Keto Diet: protein, fat and oxygen?
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